We envision a world in which African women and gender-expansive persons are politically, economically and socially autonomous and are champions of change in their lives and society.


To strengthen the individual and collective leadership of African women and gender-expansive persons, forming strategic partnerships, to tackle patriarchy and attain gender equality and women’s empowerment for a just and secure Africa. Our approach to organizing and advocacy is intrinsically informed by an intersectional lens.





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Alumna of the Month

  • Advancing to New Horizons after the African Women’s Leadership Institute

    The opportunity to attend the African Women’s Leadership Institute (AWLI) marked a fresh journey for me. It was definitely different from all the other trainings I have been a part of before. The first session we held on body and mind centered nourishment drew me closer to the beauty of nature which seemed usual but developed my body and sensory openings. This marked new beginnings for me, ushering me into sisterhood, positivity, follow up engagements, connections, and networking. As I…

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