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Women’s Political Leadership

Our Women’s Political Leadership work at AMwA is driven through the African Women’s Leadership Institute (AWLI), our flagship program which seeks to create safe spaces to introduce feminism to women leaders; to openly question their understanding of notions of women’s rights; to build the decision making capacities of women and to increase the number of women taking up leadership positions within critical spaces. The absence of women at the top of leadership structures lends this exercise great urgency. To this end, we enhance the decision making skills of women both at the personal and institutional level to create a new generation of African women leaders.


Consortium Partnerships:

Power of Dialogue
The Power of dialogue programme seeks to enhance collaboration of political and civic actors to participate in accountable political processes. The power of dialogue is an opportunity for creating intersectional spaces of engagement between civic and political actors with a special emphasis on women, youth and other marginalised groups such as differently abled people; to jointly contribute to shaping the agenda for dialogue with a view to realising the much needed synergetic progress on the governance front. The Power of Dialogue programme is being implemented by a consortium steering group comprising of Akina Mama wa Afrika, Center for Mediterranean and International Studies, Gorée Institute: Center for Democracy, Development and Culture in Africa Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy