December 5, 2023

From an African Feminist Kitchen : Recipes for Radical Care

16 Days of Activism

When we examine the context in which the violence perpetrated against women and girls occurs, one will find that violence often thrives in places where systems of care have collapsed or where systemic and communal neglect thrives. As part of our love offering this 16 Days of Activism, Akina Mama wa Afrika and Raising Voices have created a radical care guide titled “From An African Feminist Kitchen: Recipes for Radical Care that highlights the role of radical care as a preventive shield against violence as well as a path to healing.

Radical Care is an approach to improving the well-being of people by providing support and an enabling environment where they can live with joy and dignity. It’s about offering unwavering support to those most affected, women, girls, and all marginalized people in their diversity starting from the individual to the collective. 

Our guide on radical care is an extensive menu with conversations with feminist activists organizing through a radical care framework, and people sharing their personal and community care practices, wellness recipes remedies and readings to inspire your individual and community care in meaningful ways.

Download and read “From An African Feminist Kitchen:Recipes For Radical Care” here 

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