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AMwA launches Feminist Report on Oil …

On the 27th of February 2013 the AMwA launched her feminist research report on oil and gas An In-dep... Read more

Africa CSO Position - Beijing+20

African women have been at the forefront of shaping the global agenda for women's rights from the 3r... Read more

AMwA Welcomes Prof. Maggie Kigozi as Int…

Prof. Maggie Kigozi, a Board Member of AMwA's International Executive Board joined AMwA on the 31st ... Read more

Highlights of Post Training Activities i…

Four country teams from Nambia, Malawi, DRC and Botswana set off with determination to implement the... Read more

Inspiring Young Feminists to uphold the …

12 Young women from Malawi, Namibia, Botswana and DRC are gathered at Sandton Lodge, Johannesburg fr... Read more

African Women Convene to Deliberate and …

African women from 15 countries across the continent gathered in Nairobi, Kenya from April 23rd to t... Read more

Welcome to Akina Mama Wa Afrika

Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA) is an international, Pan-African, non-governmental development organisation for African women with its Head Office in Kampala, Uganda.
AMwA was established in 1985 as a small community-based organisation, which sought to create a space for African women to organise autonomously, network with each other, share skills and expertise, identify issues of concern and speak for themselves, which was essential considering their position as migrants and refugees in the UK. Translated from Swahili, our name means symbolises the principles of sisterhood on which the organisation was based: 'Solidarity among African Women'.  AMwA’s ethos is ‘Speaking for Ourselves’.

Our Vision
A world in which there is social, economic and political autonomy of African women.  More ...

Alumni of the Month

A Self- Motivated African Woman Committed to Positive Change

A Self- Motivated African Woman Committe…

We are privileged to share with you the leadership journey of one true African Woman whose... Read more


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