November 27, 2023

A Pan African Feminist Primer on Wealth Taxes

When feminist economic justice activists cry, “Tax the rich!” what is the rationale behind this? In what ways can the taxation system help to bridge the inequality chasm, if you are curious about these questions and more, this paper primer titled “A Pan African Feminist Primer on Wealth Taxes” is for you.

This paper reveals the consequences of the current regressive tax policies which are driven by neoliberal ideologies and skewed towards favoring the wealthy. You will be enlightened about the multifaceted challenges arising from the global exploitation and extraction of resources which end up disproportionately affecting African women and perpetuating economic disparities. Lastly, we share the practical steps for African countries to take in order to transform the taxation system in a way that transforms the lives of the marginalized.

Read and share the paper on this link: A Pan-African Feminist Primer on Wealth Taxes

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