February 18, 2022

Khayaat Fakier

Country: South Africa

Expertise: Academic researcher, Ecofeminism

Dr Fakier is a sociologist with a focus on research in women’s care for others and the environment. Dr Fakier gained her PhD from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. She is currently senior lecturer at Stellenbosch University and teaches modules on sociology of work, feminisms and women’s engagement in the South African economy. She supervises students on a wide range of feminist topics, including ecofeminism, fatherhood, women in the legal profession, and women in prisons.

Dr Fakier’s research examines the value of social reproduction in a global society where the unpaid work and care conducted by women is not recognised. Her research on the impact of social and industrial policy on the lives of women suggests that working class and underemployed women shoulder the burden of care for the young, the elderly, the frail and the environment, which most state and corporate policies ignore. Her work has featured in renowned international journals such as Antipode: Journal of Radical Geography, the International Journal of Feminist Politics, and Capitalism Nature Socialism. Her most recent publication is a co-edited book titled, Marxist-Feminist Theories and Struggles Today: Essential writings on Intersectionality, Labour and Ecofeminism published by Zed Books.

Dr Fakier’s writing draws on her work with women working in communities affected by mining, on farms, and women on public works programmes.

Marxist-Feminist Theories and Struggles Today: Essential writings on Intersectionality, Postcolonialism and Ecofeminism 1st Edition


Eco-feminist Organizing in South Africa: Reflections on the Feminist Table


Women and Renewable Energy in a South African Community: Exploring Energy Poverty and Environmental Racism. Journal of International Women’s Studies, 19(5), 165-176.


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