May 10, 2023

Join The African Women’s Leadership Institute (AWLI)

A call for applications

Revolutionary greetings!

Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA) through its flagship Programme, The African Women’s Leadership Institute (AWLI), and in line with its strategic pillar on feminist and transformational leadership development, will conduct a Regional AWLI for civic and political actors from Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. The AWLI will be conducted under the auspices of the Power of Dialogue (POD) programme which is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and seeks to enhance the collaboration of political and civic actors to participate in accountable political processes.

About the AWLI

The AWLI is based on a long-standing model of the POT (Personal Mastery, Organizing Skills and Taking Action) Framework. Through the AWLI, AMwA contributes to the growth and strengthening of the feminist movement in Africa by raising the political consciousness of change-makers including civil and political leaders, feminists, gender justice advocates and women’s rights activists who are provided with the tools, networks, and resources to disrupt the status quo in their spheres of influence. Since 1997, the African Women’s Leadership Institute has equipped over 8,000 alumnae to individually and collectively challenge sexism, discrimination, marginalization, and oppression and contribute to a better world for women and girls.

We see feminist leadership development as a continuous process of growth that requires nurturing through community support, mentorship and modelling feminist leadership principles.

Target Group

The program will be awarded to 25 political and civic actors from Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia that have exemplified leadership in their organizations, institutions, parties, networks and communities and can participate in the training physically. We particularly encourage applications from women from diverse backgrounds (in terms of ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, origin, religion, etc)

Make your nomination

If you have attended the AWLI before, please nominate women leaders not only from your wider network of leaders, political and civic actors. You can nominate more than one person.


  1. Personal development
  2. Feminist theory
  • Feminist Transformational leadership
  1. Legal and Policy Frameworks on women’s rights.
  2. Feminist Lobby and Advocacy

How to Apply: 

Please nominate yourself using the google form below and send the completed application form, together with the following by 16th May 2023.

Click me to access the Application and Nomination form!

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