February 18, 2022

Dr. Juliet Karisa

Country; Kenya

Expertise: Marine Ecologist and Conservationist

Dr. Juliet Karisa is a research scientist with the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute where she works on Marine Ecology, Conservation and Management. Her research interests are coral reef ecology, marine protected areas, integrated coastal zone management and training and capacity building. She is currently focusing primarily on coral reef resilience in regard to both local and global threats (e.g pollution and climate change). Her work experience includes coral reef monitoring, biodiversity assessment, resilience assessments, habitat mapping, restoration and community training on marine resource use. She has contributed to coral research in the Western Indian Ocean region and abroad at different levels.

Spatial heterogeneity of coral reef benthic communities in Kenya


MSProadmap / KENYA – Presentation by Dr. Juliet Karisa


Vulnerability to collapse of coral reef ecosystems in the Western Indian Ocean


Marine Organisms Response to Climate Change Effects in the Western Indian Ocean


Factors influencing migrant fisher access to fishing grounds


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