February 18, 2022

Charity Migwi

Country: Kenya

Expertise: Environmental and climate activist

Charity Migwi is an environmental and climate activist from Kenya, and is the Regional Campaigner at 350Africa.org. She has a background in communications and has worked with various conservation and environmental governance organizations keen on integrating climate change solutions to create a healthier, safer and more sustainable planet. Charity joined 350.org in 2020 to champion effective campaigns that bring hope, power and dignity to the people of Africa. Since she joined the 350Africa team, Charity has been at the center of fighting for a fossil-free Africa and keeping finance away from fossil fuel projects in the continent. Her role has also been instrumental in incorporating alternative solutions requisite for the development of Africa like focusing on a Just Transition and embracing Renewable Energy.

Securing Your Future” or Greenwashing? The Unpleasant Truth about Uganda’s Oil (By Charity Migwi)


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