November 2, 2020

Advancing to New Horizons after the African Women’s Leadership Institute

On this journey after the AWLI, I head into the future empowered with knowledge, hope and courage...

The opportunity to attend the African Women’s Leadership Institute (AWLI) marked a fresh journey for me. It was definitely different from all the other trainings I have been a part of before. The first session we held on body and mind centered nourishment drew me closer to the beauty of nature which seemed usual but developed my body and sensory openings. This marked new beginnings for me, ushering me into sisterhood, positivity, follow up engagements, connections, and networking.

As I head on this journey after the AWLI, I flash into the future empowered with knowledge, hope, and courage; forgetting the hopelessness in which I lived, drowned in a sea of injustice served by society. 

I learned so much including; business skills, how to appreciate the self, how to communicate with a soul, and how to set and defend personal principles. I also learned that women’s rights are inherent, not inherited; knowledge I intend to use to ensure that women in their diversities enjoy their rights.

The facilitation at the AWLI moved me to relinquish all the powers of patriarchy and relish the energies to confront societies that hold the girl child at ransom. I yearn to see a world where equity, equality, and justice are true birthrights to girls and young women. 

I really want to appreciate Akina Mama wa Afrika for this great opportunity which exorcised the beliefs I had. I applaud the mentors and faculty who shared their expertise and knowledge with us to inspire confidence and pushed us to bring out the best in us.

Charity Agaba


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