Uganda Feminist Forum 2019: Call for Papers and Art–Deadline Extended to 23rd June

Silencing Our Fears and Fearing Our Silence.

We’re seeking fearless submissions!

Submission Deadline: June 23, 2019

In “Destroying the Emptiness of Silence,” Irene Assiba D’Almeida, a Feminist author, affirms that silence represents the historical muting of women under the formidable institution known as patriarchy, the social organization in which men assume power and create for women an inferior status.  Drawing from the diverse theories and experiences of how women have been intimidated into silence, we ask ourselves, what is there to fear in our silence? How does it bode for the feminist movement, both as individuals and as a collective, to remain mute on issues that oppress us? What is it that cripples us and keeps us from speaking out? Conversely we ask ourselves, how do we silence these fears? How do we rid ourselves of this paralysis, this dread, and doubt?

The 8th convening of the Uganda Feminist Forum (UFF) will take place from 31st July to 2nd August 2019 under the theme “Silencing Our Fears and Fearing Our Silence”. Akina Mama wa Afrika on behalf of the UFF Working Group invites Ugandan feminists to reflect on what our silence as feminist activists represents particularly in Ugandan context. The aim is to generate dialogue and debate and collective strategizing on the movement’s future. It is also a deliberate effort to develop theory and to widen the repository of knowledge developed by African feminists.

The various themes to be discussed are:

  • What fuels our fear?; highlighting the internal and external ideals that inform the movement’s silence on some issues, the cost of our silence in precarious times and the ifs and buts of our feminism.
  • Civility in resistance; focusing on how feminist sisters are packaging our resistance, proposed tools of resistance and lessons on non-threatening feminism. If Stella Nyanzi spoke politely, would anyone listen to her? How is the call for civility in discourse used to silence?
  • Silence in the economy; an analysis of gender in the economy from a feminist point of view, focusing on understanding structural economic injustices, connecting to global and regional conversations on economic rights and justice for women, and working towards building feminist economies.
  • Silence around sexuality and the fear of non-conforming gender representations; focusing on silences around sexual pleasure and sisters’ contestations with Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression.
  • The silence of allies; revisiting the silence of allies within the feminist movement. How we can be better allies to one other? How are religious feminists allying with non-religious feminists? How can we use our privilege in support of marginalized sisters? How are we allies of women living in disability?

Whether you are an academic or policy researcher, activist or student – we want to hear from you! We further invite feminist explorations that cite African women authors in the spirit of recognizing their contribution to the movement.

We are inviting critical analyses and referenced articles (2000-2500 words); case studies (of around 2000 words), opinion pieces (1500-2000 words); poems; vlogs; video stories; photo essays; cartoons; and more! Shortlisted submissions will receive a moderate honorarium and have an opportunity to present their work at the UFF in August. Interested aspirants are to submit their pieces to by  Sunday 23rd June 2019.