February 18, 2022

Tracy Kajumba

Country: Uganda

Expertise: Climate Change Adaptation, Gender mainstreaming into climate change and governance programs

Tracy Kajumba is a Principal Researcher and the Strengthening Partnerships – Climate Change Group Team Leader at the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). Ms. Kajumba leads IIED’s strengthening partnerships team to facilitate and promote local to global knowledge exchange to catalyse effective action on climate change, ensuring that the voices of vulnerable and excluded groups are included in policy and decision making; providing platforms for learning and sharing information, including grassroots voices; measuring adaptation and resilience effectiveness and providing robust research evidence to highlight gaps in equitable gender, and climate just governance and decision making. She has well-grounded experience in climate change adaptation, gender equality programming, designing Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning systems for adaptation and has dealt with issues of rights, equity and justice as well as transparency and accountability programming. She has over 17 years of working with national and international experience working with Governments, civil society organisations and research organisations. She has worked on development research, programme coordination and management, policy and strategy development and has worked on natural resource management and governance programmes, gender equality programming, conflict analysis and climate change. Ms. Kajumba has worked with national Governments in Africa, International organisations, Civil Society Organisations and was a Regional Senior Climate Change Advisor for Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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