February 18, 2022

Simangele Msweli

Country: South Africa

Expertise: Biodiversity

Simangele Msweli is a conservationist with experience in scientific research, policy and community engagement. She holds a Master of Science in Biological Sciences, currently serves in the Steering Committee of the Global Youth Biodiversity Network (the official youth constituency to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)) and as the Chair of the Communications Task Force of the African CSOs Biodiversity Alliance (An alliance of 80+ CSOs in Africa whose aim is to strengthen the African civil society voice in the Post2020 Global Biodiversity Framework). She works for WildOceans as the Project Site Coordinator of the Oceans Alive Project, leading community engagement and beneficiation activities.

Native honeybees as flower visitors and pollinators in wild plant communities in a biodiversity hotspot


Breeding system, response to grassland management, and the Allee effect in Kohautia amatymbica (Rubiaceae)


#EDD21 – LAB DEBATE: African Landscapes for People and Wildlife


#EDD21 – YOUTH ACTION ON BIODIVERSITY: Priorities, Narratives and Accelerating Impact


CBD Alliance Webinar: Voices from Civil Society


What’s the solution to wildlife crime?


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