May 9, 2022

Sarah Nannyondo Okello – Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Coordinator

“The birth of excellence begins with our awareness that our beliefs are a choice”

Anthony Robbins_Unlimited power

Sarah is a qualified and highly knowledgeable Monitoring & Evaluation personnel with over 7 years of providing M&E technical expertise to organizations and projects.  She is highly skilled in setting up Monitoring and Evaluation and Learning systems, data management, and reporting as well as building the capacity of staff and partners in utilizing these systems.  Her love for excellence and passion to cause change make her innovative in every task that she embarks on.  Before joining Akina Mama wa Afrika, she worked with ChildFund Uganda as a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer (2015 -2017) where she was later promoted to Project Coordinator under the Advocacy for Better Health Project in 2017.  Sarah then joined Research Triangle Institute International (RTI) serving in the capacity of M&E Specialist under the USAID/Envision project and USAID/Literacy Achievement and Retention Activity from 2018 – to 2020. 

Sarah is a proud feminist who strongly believes in a world where women and girls are socially, politically, and economically autonomous. Her career goal is to contribute to the body of knowledge in the MEL sphere by infusing feminist approaches into the different components of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning and by building a team of experienced MEL feminist experts.  On a personal level, Sarah is loyal, a great team player, and a natural leader.

Twitter: @SarahOkello7 

Pronouns: She/Her

Country: Uganda 

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