February 18, 2022

Rebecca Wanjiku Kariuki

Country: Kenya

Expertise: Researcher, Ecology, Natural Resource Management

Rebecca Kariuki is a postdoctoral researcher at the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology, Tanzania and is affiliated with the Environment and Geography Department, University of York, UK. She holds a PhD in Environmental Geography from the University of York, UK. She is currently interested in understanding the impact of changing climates and land uses on the sustainability of future socio-ecological systems in East Africa. Using a participatory future scenario modelling tool, called KESHO (Swahili for “tomorrow”), her research identifies the causes and consequences of historical environmental change and explores plausible trajectories of future environmental change in East Africa. The “KESHO” approach of exploring future environmental change is stakeholder driven and through this, Rebecca’s research has trained over 100 stakeholders from governmental and nongovernmental bodies, academia, and local communities on the scenario development process and has engaged them to identify alternate, realistic and plausible sustainable development pathways in East Africa. She is also a Carson Fellow and during her fellowship she will assess developed scenarios of future environmental change in Africa from baseline assessments and evaluate the impacts of the developed scenarios on future biodiversity and ecosystem services in East and southern African drylands.

Integrating stakeholders’ perspectives and spatial modelling to develop scenarios of future land use and land cover change in northern Tanzania


Integrating Insights from Social-Ecological Interactions into Sustainable Land Use Change Scenarios for Small Islands in the Western Indian Ocean


Pollen, People and Place: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Ecosystem Change at Amboseli, Kenya


Assessing Interactions between Agriculture, Livestock Grazing and Wildlife Conservation Land Uses: A Historical Example from East Africa


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