April 10, 2021

Press Statement on the Abuse of Hon. Naggayi Nabilah’s Human Rights

Hon. Nabilah Naggayi is privileged to have access to legal services and is in the intellectual position to understand the norms and laws within her community. But this matter likewise reveals how many women and men – most particularly fathers, brothers and sons in many Ugandan households - continue to build invisible and impenetrable walls to women actualization of their land and property rights.

Hon. Nabilah has been subjected to gross visitations of economic, physical, emotional and psychological abuse by her in-laws with the inebriant assistance of some underhanded and ill-informed government officials about gender inequality.

On 13 March 2021, one Farouk Ntege, her brother-in-law threw out Nabilah’s personal effects. Her knickers, gomesi and jewelry were stolen, a case file No. 26/2021 was opened in this regard at Kibuye Police station. On 24 March 2021, her in-laws mobbed her home in an attempt to cause her harm for reoccupying her marital home in Katuuso-Buziga, Kampala. As we speak, Hon. Nabilah Naggayi cannot l eave her home because Mr. Kamugira Godfrey, the DPC Kabalagala and Police in general have failed to enforce a court order restraining her estranged husband Isaac Sempala, from threatening to inflict harm, pain or misery upon her person.

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