April 9, 2022

Patience Rebecca Mutonyi – Women’s Political Leadership Intern

“…To Thine Own Self Be True”- Shakespeare (Hamlet: Act 1-Scene 3)

Patience is a life enthusiast and self-ascribed Ambivert. In February 2021, She graduated from the Middle East Technical University in Northern Cyprus, with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and International Relations. Following graduation, Patience worked as an Operations Assistant for a Credit Cooperative Society (Solar Rays Energy Sacco) based in Uganda and Kenya. Her primary responsibilities included resource management among team members and
product development to ensure that the company’s vision of financial empowerment within vulnerable communities was realized. Her passion for communications led her to an Internship Trainee program with 94.8 XFM, an urban youth radio station based in Kampala, Uganda, in March 2022. This process allowed her to improve her communication skills, prepare for interviews, and learn about the radio production process as a whole.

At the moment, Patience works as a Women’s Political Leadership Intern at Akina Mama wa Afrika. She is a strong supporter of women’s rights and gender equality. She believes that girl-child are indeed the key to a better future for Africa and the global community as a whole. It is therefore her duty to ensure that she paves the way for future generations to shine brightly in communities, particularly in areas of leadership, economics, and development.


Twitter: @mutonyi_rebecca
LinkedIn: @Patience-Rebecca-Mutonyi
Nick Name: Pesh


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