April 1, 2021

Participant and Faculty Profiles for the 2021 Virtual Advocacy Training on SRHR

AMwA’s Advocacy training on Sexual and Reproductive and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) is a six weeks’ long online training, whose overarching goal is to activate and deploy a bold and progressive cross-border feminist movement on sexual and reproductive health and rights. We are especially excited about this training due to the diversity of women represented as you shall see.

The 2021 training will run from from 22nd March to 23rd April with support from the Global Fund for Women.

The training is looking to explore and develop alternative forms of organizing and movement building for African Feminists to influence and disrupt the process of negotiation over women’s bodily autonomy and sexual and reproductive health rights in traditional decision making spaces, at the national, regional and international level. This is intended to centre SRHR issues that are on the margins, while using feminist tools of analysis to highlight the dichotomy and tension between the depoliticized development agenda in traditional decision making spaces, and feminists’ demand for dismantling of structural systems of oppression for the transformation of women’s lives.

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