February 18, 2022

Olivia Livingstone

Country: Liberia

Expertise: Marine Conservationist

Olivia Livingstone holds a BSc in Environmental Science from Cuttington University and has proven experience working with fishing communities and advocating for the protection of the marine environment. She served as support staff for Cities Alliance Liberia on the Community Upgrading Fund – Improved Resilience through Community Adaptation Project that was implemented in West Point Township and King Gray community to enhance fishing communities’ resilience to climate change-induced stresses. She is an Alumna of the World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council, a current High Seas Youth Ambassador on the High Seas Alliance Youth Ambassador Program, and a European Development Day #EDD21 Young Leader. As an HSA Youth Ambassador, Olivia advocates for a robust High Seas Treaty that will protect the high seas and its rich biodiversity. In her current capacity as a Community Mobiliser on the Environmental Justice Foundation Communities for Fisheries Project, funded by the European Union in Liberia, she works to build and sustain positive working relationships with fishing communities, organize fishmongers and processors into cooperatives, and trains local fishermen on how to use their smartphones to collect evidence of IUU fishing.

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