February 18, 2022

Nancy Iraba

Country: Tanzania

Expertise: Marine Scientist

Nancy Iraba is a Marine Scientist and Invertebrate Zoologist from Tanzania. She received her bachelor degree ( Hons) in Aquatic sciences and Fisheries from University of Dar es salaam, Since then she has been involved in different field works and projects relating to Aquatic ecosystems research for both Freshwater and Marine environments. She is currently an early career researcher specialising in benthic biodiversity and currently investigating the survival and growth rates of octopus cyanea in the laboratory by experimenting with different formulated feeds she made. She is devoted to contributing to food security and the blue economy through Sustainable-Profitable-Aquaculture of commercial viable marine invertebrates. She is also the co-founder of Aqua Farms Organization and founder of the Ocean Literacy Foundation.

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