April 28, 2022

Mubeezi Tenda – Communications Associate

“Organising with rebels who love” – Joy James

Mubeezi Tenda is a feminist writer and social scientist who owes her socio-economic liberation to the feminist movement. She spent half a decade working on social and behavioral research projects in rural communities of Uganda where she collected data on Sexual and Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, Gender-Based Violence, and Poverty among others issues. 

The observations and findings from this period inspired her to organize around Africa’s social challenges using an intersectional feminist approach. Within the feminist movement and her world, she has chosen the quill as her tool of the trade.

Away from the rat race and movement building, Mubeezi is an artist always in the grip of one creative passion or another. 

Her habitat is crawling with poems, cowrie shells, musical notes, embroidery, food recipes, and drawings, and very soon she just may acquire a potters wheel to try her hand at crockery.

Pronouns: She/Her

Twitter: @mubeezitenda


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