May 9, 2022

Leah Eryenyu – Head of Programmes

Leah Eryenyu is the Head of Programmes at Akina Mama wa Afrika where she provides strategic leadership to the team across several African countries in the organisation’s thematic areas of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Women’s Economic Justice, and Women’s Political Leadership. Her work looks at the intersection of economic exploitation and gender oppression and its implication for the achievement of broader women’s rights. She was previously the Research Advocacy and Movement Building Manager, where she steered the organization’s feminist research and knowledge building work, and its women’s economic justice portfolio.

Leah’s research and writing interests include economic governance focusing on tax justice and Illicit Financial Flows, corporate accountability, and decent work for women, particularly those in global value chains. Her recent work in that regard includes contributing to the co-creation of a workshop facilitation guide on feminist approaches to understanding Illicit Financial Flows and redirecting global wealth, and co-editing From the Margins to the Centre, Discourses on the Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Women in Uganda, a volume of essays authored by Uganda women. Her work on SRHR has included, among other things, designing programmes, developing technical briefs, and co-authoring a book chapter titled “The Debate Over Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Uganda: Barriers to Vernacularizing Reproductive Rights.” Leah has a proven track record in developing capacity strengthening and knowledge building engagements and complementary tools, and also has experience in designing and implementing advocacy campaigns. 

She has a BA in Political Science from Williams College in the US.

As a person descended from other women, who by their wits and resilience ensured that she enjoys vast opportunities that were not available to them, this quote by Ijeoma Umebinyuo speaks to her;“Nobody warned you that the women whose feet you cut from running would give birth to daughters with wings.You can catch her on Twitter- @ironladey occasionally trying to be witty but not always succeeding. 

Leah’s recent publications and writing contributions: 


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