Chipo Bangira – Women’s Political Leadership Lead

Chipo Bangira is a young Zimbabwean feminist who has been active in the development sector for more than 7 years. She is the Women’s Political Leadership lead at Akina Mama wa Afrika. Through her work, Chipo is actively raising women and young people’s consciousness of their rights and enhancing their leadership capacities to influence governments to promote and protect their rights. She draws her extensive knowledge and experience from community organizing, youth programming and networking with other women’s organizations working on women’s rights. Chipo has worked with ActionAid International- Uganda, Care International and Plan International Zimbabwe ; enhancing the leadership capacities of young people. She is a passionate and outspoken advocate for women’s leadership in decision-making processes.

Chipo holds a Master of Science in Media and Society Studies from Midlands State University. You can read more about her works on her blog 


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