April 9, 2022

Martha Naluwende – Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Intern

“There is only one you and that’s your power.”


Martha is a nutritionist, researcher, business owner, and professional baker. She is passionate about research and knowledge gathering. She believes for any decision to be impactful it has to be arrived at after adequate research and evidence gathering has been done and for this reason, she was delighted for the opportunity to intern at Akina Mama wa Africa as the Monitoring, Evaluation, and learning intern. Martha hopes to use the knowledge and experience to shape a career in Human rights work specifically advocating for a just and equitable society for all women and girls because she believes for humankind to grow and evolve, women have to be at the forefront of the decision-making process. Martha is also passionate about nutrition and health and how the two are pivotal for healthy happy and productive people. Martha has a bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition and dietetics and this is where the love for development work and the need for a just society was born. She also has 6 years of experience in information gathering and knowledge management.

Country: Uganda
Twitter: @NMMMartha
LinkedIn: Martha Naluwende

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