February 18, 2022

Kaossara Sani

Country: Togo

Expertise: Climate justice activist

Kaossara Sani is the founder of Africa Optimism and Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Act On Sahel Movement. She is working hard to promote peace through her climate actions. She is also a Global Climate Justice Leader. She is working to promote peace in the Sahel region with the Act-On Sahel campaign. The Sahel region is the most vulnerable region in Africa and in the world. As a youth for peace, she wants to put some pressure on the leaders to redirect their military budgets to tackle climate change, conflicts, terrorism, and poverty in the Sahel region of Africa.

The Togolese activist raises awareness of fighting fossil fuel interests, campaigns for clean water in the region, and for the wellbeing of the Sahel people. As the Sahel region has become vulnerable to drought caused by climate change. She is working with her fellow climate activists from Sahel countries to help farmers easily adapt to the climate crisis by providing them with seeds. Her passion for humanity is motivating her to continue her fight for climate justice for the most vulnerable people around the world and she is also raising her voice to advocate for the Yemen crisis which is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

Kaossara Sani, climate/youth/women’s activist in Togo


#RingTheBell Episode 6- A Battle for Climate Justice with Kaossara Sani, Founder of Africa Optimism


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