April 27, 2022

Jean Ngobi – Women’s Political Programmes Officer

“I am not defined by opinions of who I should be, nor what I should do, I determine that, not anyone else”

Jean is an experienced Women’s Political Leadership practitioner with vast experience in working with women in political leadership programming in the great lakes region. She has worked profoundly among different women’s rights organizations and among Women’s Leagues of political parties while strengthening the capacities of women leaders to amplify their voice and urgency in political party programmes and policies.

Theorized on African Feminist principles, Jean aims her civic effort at contributing toward achieving Women’s inclusive and effective participation in political development processes as guided by different international, regional, and national instruments.  She has exhibited an enviable capacity to develop systems and strategies that challenge norms that inhibit women’s full participation in politics and governance.

Jean is qualified with a Master of Arts degree in Human rights and Local governance, a Bachelor of Arts in education, alongside other short training in development work. 

She currently serves as the Women’s Political Leadership Programme Officer at Akina Akina Mama Wa Afrika at Africa regional level and also doubles as a development consultant and an ardent member of the Uganda Women’s Movement.

Nick Name: Seasoned queen

Pronouns: She/Her

Country: Uganda

LinkedIn: Jean Ngobi

Twitter: @JeanNgobi1


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