Institutional Strengthening

This is through continually strengthening the organization to be able to handle the increasing challenges facing the organization in terms of: managing the transition process, resource mobilization, streamlining internal system, structures and processes. It also involves the bolstering of AMwA’s image and presence continent–wide (Africa).

In a bid to strengthen and sustain AMwA’s leadership for African women’s organising, AMwA has taken on deliberate initiatives to meet this aspiration through;

a) Ensuring that Staff members work as team and are encouraged to voice their concerns without any bureaucratic blockades. In addition to this aspect our staffs take the time to review and reflect on some of the principles of the feminist charter during the staff meeting held.

b) Creating partnerships with different organizations and/ institutions some of which have included the African Centre of Excellence Program

c) Ventured into new advocacy emerging issues affecting women such as women’s economic justice with a focus on oil and gas, land acquisitions

d) Feminism for hire is also a new component that has brought into play new constituencies such as trade unions and other private sector players thus providing AMwA with a large constituency base of operation

e) AMwA has created space for organizational development that has allowed the organization to reflect and strategize to ensure that we remain relevant to the context of operation

f) As part of building staff capacities, each year atleast one staff member gets the opportunity to undertake the African Women Leadership Institute in addition to support offered to build staff capacities