Influencing Policy

Policy Influencing is a key strategy inbuilt in our core programmatic pillars to ensure that issues affecting women are continuously brought to the attention of key policy makers, government and relevant stakeholders. AMwA fronts issues that are critical to African women, and builds women’s leadership capacities to effectively engage in advocacy initiatives. In addition, we mobilise women’s rights organisations and/or institutions to collectively speak and drive the agenda of women’s rights and gender equality at national, regional and international platforms. Working in partnership with various women’s rights organisations, AMwA is positioned to influence and advocate for policy/law reforms and hold governments accountable to their commitments on gender equality and women’s rights.

AMwA provides strategic direction in key Pan-African networks including NGO CSW Africa, Solidarity for African Women’s Rights, International Conference on the Great Lakes Region and the Gender Is My Agenda Campaign. AMwA also has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Some of the ways AMwA has contributed to policy are through:

  • Strengthening African Women’s Voices at the African Union including the ratification, domestication and effective implementation of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa.
  • Having influenced the zero tolerance campaign on Sexual and Gender Based Violence in the Great Lakes Region in 2011 and the establishment of eight CSO national structures in member states, AMwA continues to mobilize and monitor the implementation of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region Pact on Peace, Stability and Development in the Great Lakes Region.

Feminist Movement Building 

All our strategic approaches are geared towards strengthening African women’s voices on issues pertinent to themselves and creating a vibrant women’s movement that collectively works to advance the interests of African women in all their diversities. AMwA believes in the spirit of sisterhood and as a result has built strong partnerships with women’s rights organisations, networks and coalitions on the African continent and beyond. Through networking and movement building, AMwA leverages on each organisation’s and/ or institutional strengths and resources to advance the rights and freedoms of African women that we could otherwise not have achieved if we worked in silos thus creating a collective voice.

AMwA actively participates and engages with the African Feminist Forum (AFF) and is the current host of the Uganda Feminist Forum which are both initiatives aimed at building and strengthening the feminist movement and organizing in Africa. These have both been instrumental platforms in encouraging the women’s movement to engage with emerging women’s rights issues such as sex worker rights, LGBTI rights, sexuality and bodily integrity.