Influencing Policy

Our policy advocacy work is a deeply political process that recognizes the centrality of power in creating oppression. As we demand the integration of an intersectional feminist lens and the resourcing and implementation of policies, we also in effect demand a shift in power. In order for this to happen, a critical mass of diverse voices needs to organize and collectively influence processes. Cognizant that decision-making spaces have mostly been closed to feminists and women’s rights activists from the Global South and Africa in particular, and also aware of the complexities involved in advocating around contested issues, we see movement building as critical to building people power to force doors open. Most critically however, is developing political consciousness so that demands for change are steeped in structural analysis of issues which then lead to structural transformation.

Strategic Interventions

  • Intersectional feminist policy analysis 
  • Policy dialogues and engagements at the national regional and global levels
  • Convening the Uganda Feminist Forum and engagement in the African Feminist Forum
  • Alumni engagement 
  • Convening safe spaces and providing care for minoritized groups
  • Advocacy campaigns