February 18, 2022

Ina Maria Shikongo

Country: Namibia

Expertise: Climate Justice Activist , Artist

Ina-Maria Shikongo, is a Namibian environmental activist. She became a climate activist because she loves nature and she soon realised that planting trees and school gardens, teaching the youth and communities the importance of looking after the environment was not enough because the problem is bigger than just recycling waste and planting trees. System change is what is needed on all levels from politics to economics which impacts the most affected people and areas in most cases. As an active member of Fridays For Future, Shikongo is fighting against the extraction of fossil fuels and calling for systemic change in politics, economics and everything in between. Shikongo also runs a project that trains grassroots organisations and communities throughout Namibia in the basics of fashion design.

Shikongo is currently trying to stop ReconAfrica, a Canadian oil company, from attempting to frack the Okavango Delta and put at risk a world heritage site, home to 200,000 people, the last stronghold of the African elephant and our global security.

Namibian climate activist Ina Maria Shikongo


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