February 18, 2022

Hilda Flavia Nakabuye

Country: Uganda

Expertise: Climate activist

Hilda Flavia Nakabuye is a Ugandan climate and environmental rights activist who founded Uganda’s Fridays for Future movement. She also advocates for greater gender equality and racial diversity in the climate change movement. One of her environmental concerns is saving Lake Victoria, which connects Uganda to neighbouring countries. As part of her activism, Nakabuye visits schools and communities to empower more women to join the fight against climate change, stating that “the climate crisis has no borders”. Ms. Nakabuye also created Climate Striker Diaries, an online platform to encourage digital awareness about climate change.

Ms. Nakabuye has been protesting in Kampala, Uganda, since 2017 after gate-crashing a climate dialogue by the Green Climate Campaign Africa (GCCA) at Kampala University. It was this event that made her realise that climate change was the cause of the severe weather that had destroyed her grandmother’s farm. She began volunteering with the GCCA as a green campaigner, but soon felt the need for a stronger movement to evoke effective change.

As part of Uganda’s Fridays for Future movement, Ms. Nakabuye and her fellow climate activists have been dedicated to mobilising a strong youth movement to demand urgent action towards the climate crisis. The Fridays for Future movement in Uganda is now East Africa’s largest youth movement, with over 50,000 young people spread across 52 schools and five universities, as well as members of the general public across Uganda, Sierra Leone, Angola, Gabon, Nigeria and Kenya.

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