February 18, 2022

Gertrude Kabusimbi Kenyangi

Expertise: Conservationist ,Agriculture, Climate Change Mitigation

Gertrude Kabusimbi Kenyangi has a 20 year work experience in Forest and Biodiversity Conservation right on the grassroots in Uganda. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Makerere University, A Masters in Rural Development Planning, A Masters in Gender and Women Studies both from Makerere University.

In recognition of her effort in this field FAO awarded her the Collaborative Partnership on Forests, Wangari Maathai “Forest Champions” Award for 2015, for her work to Conserve Biodiversity and the forest ecosystem, Combat Desertification and Climate Change Mitigation, adaptation for community resilience. She has been involved in the discourses surrounding CBD since its inception, bringing a gender dimension and advocating for framing the CBD in its scientific as well as social identity. She has also been a participant in the Rio + 20, UNFCCC COP 19, 20, 21,22, 23 and the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) 2015 -2018, and is a member of the Women and Gender Constituency of the UNFCCC. She is also a member of the Women’s Major Group of the UN. Ms. Kenyangi is the observer for Africa on the Climate Investment Funds – Forest Investment. The Organisation Ms. Kenyangi works with, Support for Women in Agriculture and Environment (SWAGEN) is ECOSOC and UNEP Accredited.

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