February 5, 2020

Gender Audit Tool

This gender audit tool was compiled and edited by Akina Mama wa Afrika with support from Hivos to guide the process of identifying critical gaps in gender responsive s policy and practice on flower farms. The tool is an output of the Women@Work Campaign, an initiative by Hivos that seeks to propel decent working conditions for women who earn their living in global production chains most notably flowers, fruits and vegetables grown for export. The Campaign’s main advocacy areas include; fair income (living wage); security in the work place (dealing with issues of sexual harassment); good labour conditions (contracts, social protections systems); compliance with international safety standards; freedom to organize; and women’s leadership. Through the Women Leadership Project, Akina Mama wa Afrika contributes to the campaign through building the capacity of women workers to participate in critical decision making spaces to demand and influence changes in policy and practice to enable them enjoy their economic and social rights both at the workplace and in the wider economy. The project is implemented in partnership with Uganda Workers’ Education Association (UWEA) in Uganda, The African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET) in Kenya, and Rwanda Women’s Network and Rwanda Workers’ Trade Union Confederation (CESTRAR) in Rwanda.

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