June 2, 2021

‘Framing Feminist Taxation’: Making Taxes Work for Women

This feminist tax guide provides guidance and recommendations for policy-making and advocacy that can influence and change our current economic and tax systems for a feminist future.

To support tax justice and gender justice advocates to challenge international financial institutions’ role in shaping tax systems, the Global Alliance for Tax Justice’s (GATJ) Tax and Gender Working Group, Womankind Worldwide and Akina Mama wa Afrika developed ‘Framing Feminist Taxation’. Presenting a feminist intersectional and human rights-based approach to fiscal policies, the guide brings together examples from Uganda and demonstrates how to link a global advocacy issue to a national framework in a way that is useful for influencing both in country and international spaces. It provides tools to assess the gender bias in the current tax system and how to advocate towards a feminist tax framework – a tax system that upholds human rights and enables substantive gender equality.

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