April 27, 2020

Webinar: Counting The Cost of the Pandemic: A Conversation on the Impact of COVID-19 on Workers in Uganda

The need to create a space for critical reflection to respond to the economic ramifications of covid-19 and develop responsive, intersectional and timely policy proposals is needed now more than ever. Akina Mama wa Afrika and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Uganda therefore propose a webinar series to discuss and explore solutions to the most pressing economic issues of the day amid and after the coronavirus pandemic, placing workers at the centre, with the wider goal of developing comprehensive policy proposals to respond to the pandemic and secure an inclusive and resilient recovery.

The first webinar will look to examine the state of play of the pandemic on workers and offer constructive critique to the government response to their plight, and propose practical solutions to the current crisis for workers.
1. To track and document the impact of covid-19 on workers particularly those in the informal economy.
2. To contribute to policy proposals aimed at addressing the impact of COVID19 on the economy.
3. To highlight and nuance the gender dimensions of the pandemic

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