May 6, 2019

The Human Rights Convention 2019

The third annual human rights convention slated for 9th May, 2019 seeks to address Uganda’s battle with human rights violations under the theme “Government action, participation and rule of law”. In partnership with FES Uganda and with support from Hivos East Africa, Akina Mama wa Afrika proposes a conversation on sexual harassment in the workplace with a special focus on women workers in the informal economy in Uganda.

The #MeToo movement revealed how women across the world challenged class and race to curb sexual harassment in board rooms and theatres. However, for women in the informal sector most without the privilege of an education or stable financial standing, access to justice remains a myth, and rape, assault and other forms of harassment are still a daily threat.

Akina Mama wa Afrika in support of the growing #MeToo movement calls towards putting an to the impunity around sexual violence and will be convening a breakaway session under the theme, “Accountability in the #MeToo Movement; FightingSexual Violence in the Workplace.