August 28, 2019

Reflection Meeting on Gender Mainstreaming for Human Resource Managers on Flower Farms in East Africa

As part of the process of influencing the adoption of gender policies and practices on flower farms, Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA) convened a gender consciousness training for Human Resource Managers from participating farms in 2018.  At the conclusion of that training, the collective agreed that the Human Resource Managers would reconvene at a later date within a 12 months period to gauge progress on the action plans they had developed to make their farms more accommodating to women workers; share learnings and good practices from their farms, and collectively identify solutions to continuing institutional challenges.

AMwA with support from Hivos is convening a reflection meeting for Human Resource Managers from partner farms, as well as Women@Work partners under the women leadership project. The meeting will take place over 3 days from 16th to 18th September, 2019 in Kenya. The reflection meeting will be a space for peer learning and benchmarking, as well as a platform to inject good competitive energy to encourage managers to improve their farms to the best standards attainable.