February 18, 2022

Dr.Olufunke Cofie

Country: Nigeria

Expertise: Water, Land and Ecosystems

Olufunke Cofie is a senior researcher with over 20 years progressive professional experience in natural resources management in West Africa, including 10 years university teaching and 13 years post-doctoral research experience in international agricultural research centers. Her main research interests include safe recovery of nutrients, organic matter and water from domestic wastes for urban and peri-urban agriculture; and improving smallholder agricultural water management. Dr. Cofie is the Head of the West Africa Office, International Water Management Institute (IWMI) at CGIAR.

Recycling of Urban Organic Waste for Urban Agriculture


Farmers perception and economic benefits of excreta use in southern Ghana


West Africa: Smarter investments in small reservoirs needed


Technological options for safe resource recovery from fecal sludge


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