May 9, 2022

Chimwemwe A. Fabiano – Women’s Political Leadership Lead

Chimwemwe A. Fabiano is the Women’s Political Leadership Lead at Akina Mama wa Afrika. Her work involves the provision of technical support and program leadership aimed at strengthening and broadening women’s leadership and influence in political and decision-making processes. This includes feminist and transformative leadership development, movement building, and policy and advocacy engagement. She is a Pan-African feminist invested in exploring solutions to the social, political, economic, and security challenges facing Africa and African women. As a person, she believes that you are not a leader until you produce a leader that can produce another leader.

She has a BA in Social and Political Philosophy, is an affiliate of African Leadership Centre/King’s College London and an alumni of AMwA’s African Women’s Leadership Institute. Her research interests lie at the intersection of various development agendas vis-à-vis feminist theory. This includes gender; leadership, the politics of knowledge production, peace, security, and development.

Her publications include:
• From Crisis to Opportunity: Covid-19 and Innovation in Africa
Kremlin’s Renewed Interest – Russia’s Emerging Threat to Elections in Africa
Ana Taban: What can Art offer in the fight against COVID-19?
Who Will Silence the Guns: The Youth As African Solutions to African Problems
Collective Voice on Working and Showing Solidarity from a Distance 

Twitter: @mwemwefabiano
Linkedin: Chimwemwe A. Fabiano

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