May 8, 2022

Arinda Daphine – Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights Programme Associate

Live and let live.

Arinda Daphine is a social justice advocate, a writer and performing artist. Her work focuses on the pursuit of freedom notably freedom of expression and bodily autonomy. In 2018 she was a runner up winner in the East Africa Poetic Hour Battle, Kisumu and she has been featured alongside a former chief justice of Uganda in a documentary titled “Justice Leaders”; Arinda is an IVLP alumni and a member of PEN uganda. She is a feminist and a public interest lawyer who uses art and writing as advocacy tools. Arinda is the mother of Star. She loves cooking, swimming, nature and might also be a hippy!


Country: Uganda
Twitter: @ArindaDaphine

LinkedIn: @Daphine Arinda (Poet and Researcher)

Nick Name: Ari

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