October 12, 2022

African Women’s & Girls’ Demands for COP27

After six years, the 2022 climate negotiations (COP27) are now back on the African continent. At this critical time when the world and Africa particularly are battling multiple crises—climate change, economic crisis, and the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic—it is time for the global community to prioritize the needs of the region.

Africa has contributed negligibly to climate change but has been among the hardest hit by climate impacts. Although a changing climate affects all, women and girls—particularly those marginalised by various systems—bear greater burdens from the impacts of climate change. Despite facing multiple challenges and structural barriers, these groups are leading exceptional work protecting the natural environment, and their unique perspectives and solutions must be centered on climate change policies and processes.

Ahead of the climate negotiations (COP27) to be held in Egypt from 6-18 November, African girls’ and women’s activists have gathered from all five regions of the continent to launch a set of collective demands that must be addressed. African women, girls, and feminists have for decades advocated for major emitters to take greater responsibility in climate response actions, as well as for their own equal representation in climate negotiations and decision-making spaces—from local to global.



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About the African Feminist Taskforce

The African Feminists Taskforce is a group of African Feminists, mostly advocates with long-lasting engagement with the Women and Gender Constituency, who organized with the aim of ensuring that African feminists’ voices and demands, aspirations, and visions are centered in COP27 processes and outcomes. To date, more than 150 feminists are part of the African feminist’s taskforce. The membership of the taskforce is open to everyone identifying as a feminist from Africa.

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