February 18, 2022

Adenike Oladuso

Country: Nigeria

Expertise: Climate activist, ecofeminism, peace and conflict

Adenike Oladosu is a Nigerian climate activist, eco-feminist and the initiator of the Fridays For Future movement in Nigeria. She specializes in equality, security and peace building across Africa, especially in the Lake Chad region. She was recognized as one of the three young black climate activists in Africa trying to save the world alongside Vanessa Nakate and Elizabeth Wathuti by Greenpeace UK for the UK black history month.

She began organizing for climate activism after she started university. She saw farmers and herdsmen angry because their land was becoming more arid and other communities who had never faced flooding had their farm lands swept away. Reading the Special Report on Global Warming of the 1.5 °C Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report led her to join the Fridays For Future movement. She began visiting communities, schools, and public places to speak to people about the climate crisis. She encouraged them to plant trees and educate their peers. In 2019, Adenike was the recipient of the Ambassador of Conscience Award from Amnesty International Nigeria and she spoke to world leaders at the UN youth climate summit. She attended the 2019 Climate change conference in Madrid along with Greta Thunberg where she drew the attention of world leaders towards the Nigerian and African climate movements.

She is also the founder of ILeadClimate, a panAfrican movement that carries out grassroots-based climate action such as the advocacy on the restoration of Lake Chad, raising awareness about climate induced problems in conflict zones & African societies for disarmament, regional stability & the sustenance of livelihoods.

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