October 22, 2020

Action Research On Women’s Leadership And Participation In Political Processes In Uganda

Terms of Reference


Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA) is a Pan-African Feminist Leadership Development Organization with headquarters in Kampala, Uganda. It was founded in 1985 by African women immigrants living in the United Kingdom to create space for African women to organize autonomously, network with each other, share skills and expertise, identify issues of concern and speak for themselves. AMwA grew into a Pan-African, non-governmental organization with consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). We envision a world in which African women are politically, economically, and socially autonomous and are champions of change in their lives and society. Our thematic areas of focus include: Women in Power and Decision-making, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Women’s Economic Justice, and Violence against Women.

These Terms of Reference serve as guidelines to the action research on women’s leadership and participation in political processes in Uganda. The research will be undertaken as part of Akina Mama wa Afrika’s (AMwA) activities under the ‘Strengthening women’s leadership and influence in political processes in Uganda’ project supported by the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF). Through the project, AMwA seeks to strengthen women’s leadership, participation, and influence in political processes, in order to advance gender equality, women’s rights, and inclusive governance in Uganda.

Purpose of the Assignment

In Uganda, politics and decision-making processes remain male-dominated and women are hardly visible in political decision-making. Women who strive to take part in active politics especially to challenge male counterparts and assert their political rights are ridiculed as immoral, badly brought up, unruly. However, the extent to which such stereotypes, sexism and women’s representation in the media has been inadequately documented. Further, there is inadequate sex-disaggregated data and gender statistics, particularly at sub-national levels, on numerous aspects related to women’s political participation, which limits measurement and full understanding of the issue.

To build evidence and document the lived experiences of women, the consultant will undertake this action research premised on an intersectional feminist analysis and contribute to the efforts being made in providing an overview of the current trends on women’s leadership in decision-making processes. The research findings will be used as an advocacy tool in influencing a gender-just society where women take up leadership positions in conducive enabling environments that acknowledge and appreciate their role in democratic and development processes.

Time frame

The assignment is expected to last 16 days from the date of signing the contract of engagement.

Qualifications and Competencies

The consultant should have demonstrated expertise in conducting feminist research in the field of democratic and good governance, women’s participation in governance processes, facilitating multistakeholder processes, communication for development, and human rights-based approach.

They shall have the following experience:

a) Advanced University Degree in gender and governance studies, development studies,
international relations, Law or Human Rights or other related disciplines;
b) A minimum of 10 years of progressively responsible relevant experience, preferably in the
promotion of women’s rights, democracy, and political governance policy, human rights
training and regional and international and knowledge of global, regional and national laws
and policies on gender equality and women’s rights;
c) Extensive experience in conducting feminist action research;
d) Knowledge of recent developments related to the topic;
e) Excellent communication skills in English;
f) Demonstrated ability to complete complex assignments in a timely manner and delivery
quality results.

Application Process

Applications (in English) must be sent by email to [email protected] by close of
business on 4th November, 2020.

Download PDF for Terms of Reference and further details about the application process.

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