We envision a dignified and equitable feminist society for African women, girls and gender-expansive persons.


To build feminist leadership and collective power to deconstruct intersectional systems of oppression to advance gender and social justice.

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  • Thu

    Framing Feminist Taxation Vol. 2!

    12:30 pmZoom

Alumni of the Month

  • After AWLI, My Political Dreams No Longer Scare Me!

    “It is not in my nature to take the backseat and watch life drift by. AWLI was a mind-transforming experience that validated who I am. I learned so much about Transformational leadership and the principles of feminist Leadership and advocacy and I have carried that knowledge with me every day.” Ayikoru Patience Poni is a leading light in the political arena of Uganda.  She found her voice when she attended the African Women’s Leadership Institute (AWLI) by AMwA in 2021.…

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